The Creep Machine is an art site dedicated to contemporary art. Whether it is referred to as alternative, underground, outsider, lowbrow, new contemporary, or pop surrealism. Started in 2007 by myself, Joshua G, it was originally a small blog designed to catalog artists I was researching while working on a degree in Art History. I found so many amazing artists—and since it was hard keeping track of them all—I started a blog in hopes of creating an archive of my findings. Shortly after launch, the site started gaining hits and I was then contacted by Village Voice Media to write a weekly article for SFWeekly.com. Along with being asked to contribute to various publications, I was also asked to curate a handful of art shows in Monterey and San Francisco, CA.

The goal of this site has always been to expose new artists to the readers, as well as be a great resource for artists to share news and gain new fans. Quite a few artists that have been shown on the site have attracted the interest of some well known galleries. It is my hope that the Creep Machine exposes readers to new art, and most importantly gets them excited about all of the amazing contemporary art that is being created. Maybe you’ll even take the time to look back in art history as well.

Why the name “Creep Machine”?

Well, I’m really into old pulp comics and art, and the name Creep Machine kind of fits in that old, b-movie, pulp comic kind of deal. For many years during my studies I slowly collected information from the internet, books, and collected art links, which is how this blog was born. It was originally just a place for me to revisit art I found inspiring.

Can I send you my work to put on the site?

If you would like to send work to be reviewed, please e-mail links to your portfolio. Attachments will not be accepted. Please keep in mind that even though you send the work to be reviewed, it may or may not be shown. I will get a hold of you if I show your work. I might not be able to post the work quickly sometimes, but I do read all messages and try to respond whether or not I show the work.

Who made that new logo?

The new logo was custom made by Chris Parks from Pale Horse Design. If you need any logo work, I highly recommend him.

Who created the background graphic?

The new background tile was created by Joshua Harker.


Where else is the Creep Machine? I try to keep this the main page, but I also use other services to add news and draw people here. Such as these:
Facebook Page

From 2007 to 2009 I wrote for SFWeekly.com. I posted a weekly column that was available Tuesday mornings at 8am. The posts were based on 5 prints that were “not to be missed.” I was also randomly asked to attend some art-related functions and write a breakdown of the event for the “Last Night” section of the website.
You can check out the archive that has all of the SFWeekly articles I have written:
SFWeekly Archive

Thank you, and if you enjoy the site, please spread the word.

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