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The Creep Machine is a blog dedicated to contemporary art. Alternative, underground, outsider, lowbrow or pop surrealism art, whatever you feel like calling it, it’s about art seen in a variety of mediums. The Creep Machine is solely run by myself, Joshua G. I graduated a year or so ago with a degree in Art History, and now am enjoying going to as many art shows as I can, and working on new art projects. My main focus in my art studies was in contemporary art, however I am also interested in the Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque and Sublime periods.

I try to get an interview from an up and coming or established artist as much as I can, and make sure the “featured artist” area is filled with examples of work. The featured artist area lasts for a month. In the daily news, or blog area, it’s mainly filled with updates, prints and originals found around the web, upcoming shows and so on.

It is my hope that this site will hopefully expose new artists to the readers, as well as be a great resource for the artists to share news and gain new fans. Quote a few artists that have been shown on the site have already attracted the interest of some well known galleries. When the opportunity presents itself, I have also been able to curate a few art shows. It is my hope that the Creep Machine exposes readers to new art, and most importantly gets them excited about all of the amazing art that is being created today, and maybe you’ll even take the time to look back in history as well.

If you are an artist and would like to add your link, submit some news, or just show off some work please contact me.


Why the name “Creep Machine”?

Well, I’m really into old pulp comics and art and the name creep machine kind of fits in that old, b-movie, pulp comic kind of deal. For many years during my studies I slowly moved around the internet and books and collected art links, which is how this blog was born. It was originally just a place for me to revisit art I found inspiring.

Can I send you my work to put on the site?

If you would like to send work to be reviewed, please just e-mail links to your portfolio. I have two sections to show art, Art(ist) of the Day, and the monthly featured artists. Please bear in mind, that even though you send the work to be reviewed, it may or may not be shown. I will get a hold of you if I show your work, or plan to use your work for the featured artist area. I might not be able to post the work quickly sometimes, but I do read all messages and try to respond whether or not I show the work.


Where else is the Creep Machine? I try to keep this the main page, but I am beginning to use other services to add news and draw people here. Such as these:
Facebook Group

From 2007 to 2008 I also wrote for I would post a weekly column that was available Tuesday mornings at 8am. The posts were based on 5 prints that are great buys. Head on over to the site and check out the “Lowbrow Art Sale” blog area. SFWeekly
You can also check out the archive that has all of the previous articles I have written:
SFWeekly Archive
Once in a while when I go to shows or various events, I write a breakdown of the night on the site, those can be found in the “Last Night” area.

Some of the new projects that I have worked on is, a site where RSS feeds from art sites all over the web are available.

I am also currently working on a few art books that I hope will be published within the next year.