aotd: “Beanstalk”

Todays piece is from an illustrator that was born in Kiev, Ukraine and is now living in the midwest. Tanya Pshenychny a great style of drawing and really knows how to control watercolor. She really builds up the watercolor to come up with these dynamic images that I don’t always see when someone works with watercolors.

Along with illustration she also makes these great hand-bound sketchbooks. It’s always good as an artists to have loads of sketchbooks around and ready to be filled. I also like to have some really high quality ones, they often cost more but these are the ones you want to fill with your top notch work. Or take one with you on a vacation. Head on over to check out her site and maybe pick up one of her cool Skullfly sketchbooks.

Razorberries Website
Skullfly Sketchbooks

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