aotd: “Girl on black car”

Todays piece is from an artist out of Spain, julepe. The piece is called “Chica sobre coche negro” or girl on black car.

The first I noticed about this piece, is how great the photo of it is. You can really see all the texture and brush strokes. This is how all art photos should be. I really dig julepe’s style, he has a really great loose style, and some greats stylized figures. Check out the facial expression on the girl. I’m really looking forward to more work from this artist, and will definitely be watching.

Julepe profile

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    Jan 31, 2011 at 6:02 am

    Too late,jaja, but I just found this post on the web, and
    ¿ what I can say?, muchas gracias!!!,I am delighted with your comment, thank you very much!!!

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