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New work and updates from Chris Mars

Chris Mars has updated his website with some new artwork, as well as news of upcoming shows and events. After checking out the new work, the next thing you need to do is go to the film/documentary section. There are two videos here showing time-lapse videos of Chris painting. It gives a great insight into how he works; such as the idea that it looks as though he is painting whatever comes to his head with no under-painting or drawing to speak of. I love how effortless the painting process looks in these videos, when the work itself is so intense. It just goes to show how talented he really is. Int he coming months Chris will have some art in some museums, such as Halle St. Pierre Sept 12, 2011 – March 4, 2012, Mesa Contemporary Arts Sept 9 – Sept 30, 2011, and again at Mesa from Sept 9th to Dec 4th, and finally the Museum of Fine Arts in Florida for a show entitled “Cute & Creepy” curated by Carrie Anne Baade opening October 7th. Along with the museum show, you can see some of Chris’ work at galleries such as Cave Gallery, Varnish Fine Art, and Last Rites Gallery. This information is all found on Chris’ homepage.

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