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New work by Fuco Ueda

The first time I saw the paintings of Fuca Ueda I was hooked. The color palette, the surreal quality, and the random staining that each of the works have is amazing. I’m surprised her art isn’t in more shows, but there may be a reason for that I haven’t been let in on. I was notified however that she recently opened a solo show at the Aki Gallery in Taiwan alongside Kenichi Yokono who does this killer woodblock inspired works. The new show features 9 new paintings, 2 drawings, and an installation. The drawings are really a mixture of acrylic and graphite, however they have that delicate feel that drawings from such a talented hand can bring. Head on over to the galleries website to see the full show, and then make sure to visit Fuca’s homepage to keep up to date with news.

AKI Gallery

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