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The art of Tania Blanco

Sometimes there are simply too many art sites to visit, and a few of them are almost unbearable when it comes to ads (I won’t mention names). However, the site is still up and running and makes it really easy for fans to find new art such as the works of Spanish artist Tania Blanco. Spending her time between Paris and Valencia, Tania has created an impressive body of work; Multiple art series, has won many awards and grants, and participated in many solo and group exhibitions. A majority of her work has to do with the relationship of mankind and science, whether that is nuclear, microorganisms, and medicine. One such series that caught my eye was the “Sleepdrunk Vademecum”. There is some 3d works, and paintings made solely with acrylic paint on round canvas or wood panels. I love the sterile feel the works have, and since it is about medicine, this feel works perfectly. Check out the rest of Tania’s work at her homepage below.

Tania Blanco

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    Jun 29, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    I just looked her up. Her work is really interesting I enjoy the cleanliness to it very much. I wish thought that the information or texts and such would be available in English, also. I would like to more than just her awards and exhibitions. I would really like to read about her ideas and such. maybe some day she will elucidate us with an English publication.

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