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The Noir Art of Dianne Gall

An artist working out of Australia, Dianne received a Bachelors in Art from The South Australian School of Art in 1985. He work is clearly inspired by Film Noir, and there is an almost creepy narrative quality to each painting. Each painting has this sense that you might have either missed something a few frames back, or something is coming right around the corner. The paintings are not only voyeuristic, but create this other world that we can look into but always feels a safe step back. It could be the cinematic feel, or the monochromatic color scheme. It gives me a nostalgic feel for Hitchcock movies. Take a look at Dianne’s website for more work, and she also has two blogs that she updates with news, and daily paintings. (Here and Here) Youc an also check out a recent exhibiton entitled “Come the Night” that took place at the Emerge Art Space this past March 30th – April 15th.

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