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    Gruss vom Krampus 2014

    In the past few years I have seen the Krampus gain popularity here in the US. For those not familiar with this story, the Krampus is based in Alpine Folklore and…

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    Scope Miami Beach 2014

    Every year around the beginning of December, social media and blogs light up with previews of art that will be on exhibition at either Art Basel, or at the Scope Art…

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    Temple of Art at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

    Since 2012, Allan Amato has been taking photographs of artists, and asking to reinterpret the portraits in their medium of choice. This collaboration is not only unique because it deals with…

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    Physics #1. Time dilation by Andrzej Dragan

    Photographer and filmmaker Andrzej Dragan, is not only an amazing artist, but also a quantum physicist, receiving his Phd in 2005. His immense knowledge of Quantum theory in Curved Spacetimes (teleportation…

  • Blue Ghost by Chet Zar

    2014 Halloween Feature

    Tradition here on the site, even though we have missed a year, is to have a Halloween Art Feature. This year we have art by a great lineup of artists including:…