Back in 2010 at the Alternative Press Expo (reviewed), I talked about a new book in the works from Baby Tattoo for artist Michael Hussar. The book, entitled White: A Decade is now finally ready for pre-order and from the preview images, looks amazing. If the news around the net is correct, the book is roughly 8″ x 11″ and 250 pages.

The book will be released in Italy this February, and then in March 1st there will be a release and signing in Los Angeles. For any order placed via the link below, the book will not arrive until a few days after the 1st, but will come with a hand-signed bookplate by Hussar. I have also heard that there will be a limited edition run of this book later on, possibly with a hard slipcase, prints, etc. For now, I am excited this book is finally here. Take a look at the preview images below, pulled from Michael Hussar’s Facebook feed, and then head over to pre-order the book.

Hussar White Pre-Order

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