Runaway Brain – Mickey Mouse

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Mickey Mouse, I like my animation a little bit nuttier (Ren & Stimpy, Futurama, etc). But while looking through the KidRobot catalog, I saw a new vinyl toy that looks amazing. The above “Runaway Brain” Mickey VCD character is based off of a 7 minute short that was made in 1995. This “maniac” Mickey is created when a monster (Julius) and Mickey switch brains.

These have got to be the coolest looking Mickeys I have ever seen, if Mickey looked like this all the time, I would be an avid fan. However in the animated short, he’s crazy for just minutes, if that. So this vinyl toy, and a few other like it can let you enjoy the maniac Mickey full time.

5 different Runaway Brain Mickeys at KidRobot
Actual Runaway Brain animated short

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