If you would like to either submit some news (prints, originals for sale, upcoming shows, etc) or some art to be reviewed for featured art area, please put the reason in the subject line.

I receive a pretty large amount of sites/portfolio’s to review. I do my best to look at everyone and appreciate those then send them to me. However I do run this alone and cannot reply to each portfolio sent. If yo don’t end up hearing from me, sorry. Most sites seem to work like this so it should be nothing new. Here are just a few tips for those sending in sites:

1. Please avoid sending myspace, facebook or similar sites for review. This should apply to anyone you send your site to. Look here for free portfolios if you need one.
2. Images should be large, 450px wide at the least. If the work is just too small, why share it?
3. Please avoid using flash based galleries. How can the images be shared? Its not a good idea to make art sites/galleries have to use a screen capture tool to help expose your artwork.

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