Please give this page a read, it should answer all questions. If there are any further questions contact me with the “Contact” link above.
For further reading on Copyright Protection see Copyright.gov

Copyright and Courtesy

All images are copy written to the original creator. This includes any images of artwork/prints, graphic files used in the design of the site, photographs of any events and/or artwork, and any written works featured on the site.

Please do not hot-link any of the images on the site, this is bandwidth theft. Any images that are being used, with permission of original owner, must be hosted on the sites own server or image hosting service provided permission has been given to use said images.

If any writing is being used in portion or in full with permission, please give credit to the source and link back to this site. Please, don’t add the link to your site to in a way that misleads the reader into believing that the information/images used are a part of your site. Be clear and courteous and give fill credit. Any writing that has been used without permission is copyright infringement.


All images other than graphic files used in the design of the site are copyright of the original artist(s). If you wish to use the images, please contact the artist first. If the images are being posted for a blog, art site or likewise, please make sure to fully credit the artist(s) and/or provided a link so that viewers will be able to see more of the artists work. This excludes any of the banners created to advertise for the site, while still copy written permission is given for these banners/buttons to be used.

Any photos of shows and/or events are copyright of the photographer. If you wish to use any images of this nature, please contact the photographer. Any photos taken by Creep Machine have had a “watermark” left out, one could be added if the usage continues to be abused, please contact the administrator if you wish to use any images.

If you wish to use any writings found on the site; interviews, articles, critiques and any other information that is clearly not readily available technical information and/or specifications about a product or event please contact the administrator. Creep Machine is open, and very happy to share any writings that are featured on the site, all you have to do is ask. These writings are copywritten by the original creator, such as writing featured on any news/information site. Any use of the writings on a site, post or publication should have the correct “citation” rules applied, quotations marks around “used” text, and full and clear credit given to the source. Without permission you may be “committing copyright infringement and/or plagiarism.” [Source]