Edith Lebeau

Artist Bio:

Edith Lebeau grew up in Beloeil, a little town of Quebec, Canada. She was raised in a creative environment; her mother and father are also artists. This helped her to explore her own imaginary world and inspired her to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts at l’UniversitÈ du QuÈbec ‡ Montreal which she completed in 2005.

As a young girl Edith developed a fascination for superheroes and villains and we continue to see its influence in her work. The women she paints have a strong look and even if they sometimes don’t seem to know what is going on, there is a strong energy that comes from them. ´The look is the most important thing in my work; it’s the way the character tells the story to the viewer…ª Edith paints these women (superheroes, villains, goddesses, nymphs…) and makes them tell their own story through their expression and the emotion they exude. The story is often blurred to encourage the audience to make it their own. ´ I like to look at my paintings and not get everything at once. I let the character question me… ª

Edith’s works often refers to Greek, Roman and Celtic mythologies, movies and fairytales…

For more of Edith’s work, and a list of available works, head on over to her homepage. A good majority of these painting are still available.
Edith Lebeau Homepage

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    Jun 5, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    L’ambition est un sentiment extrêmement noble. Ce qui la pervertit, c’est l’obsession.

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