This is an example of some art stuff Ego has made.
His short history:
He’s a dude from, ahem, New Jersey (born in Florida raised in New Jersey and a handfull of other U.S. states…) who has lived his best arting years in Seattle. His work is reflective of his art training–graffiti, tattooing and an unhealthy obsession with art books. An artist in every sense of the word, he sees life through a unique lens. This is indicative in his work, which varies from painting and illustration to photography (tattooing, and even a little sculpting, from time to time…). He’s freakishly moralled yet can be heard yelling things like “shove it up your fuckhole, shit tits” when driving. Such is his complicated nature, which along with his art, is best described as (slightly) subversive (or creepy…) but whimsical.

–Anonymous Art Lover (Amended by Ego)

To see more of Ego’s amazing work, or even get some tattoo work done, you can check him out here:
Ego on Blogger, Emerald City Tattoo

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