3-Day Painting Workshop with Michael Hussar

If your like me you missed the opportunity to go to the “Revelations” workshop put on by, where one of the many artists teaching there was Michael Hussar. It was a great opportunity, and you can see what you missed in these photos by Phil Holland.

It now looks like there will be another chance, this time in Pasadena instead of Seattle. Michael Hussar will be teaching a 3 day painting workshop the end of this month. The workshop will be taking place the weekend of the 28, 29 & 30th. More details will be announced, but I imagine if you want to go to this, do not wait. Head on over to BirdBath Publishing and reserve your spot now. This is a great opportunity to learn from such an amazing painter. Make sure to message me and brag if you go.
3-Day Painting Workshop Pre-Order

On a side note, it looks as though there is a “Hans Memling” and “Daddy’s Little Girl” print for sale as well.
Daddy’s Girl
Hans Memling

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