This past weekend saw a good number of art shows open up, but on Saturday April 16th, a show sure to draw out your nostalgia for the 90′s was opened at Gallery Nucleus. The theme of the show was the film Edward Scissorhands, and the show was done in honor of the 20th Anniversary. Aside from reminding me how old I am getting, there is around 70 works of art that also reminded one how cool this movie was. Aeron Alfrey, Lorelay Bove, Brigette Barrager, Robert Doucette, Ken Garduno, Edweird Gray, Benjamin Lacombe, Dave Perillo, Aurore Damant, and Israel Sanchez are just a few of the names that submitted art to this show. I really like the painting that Aurore Damant created entitled “Welcome to Suburbia” (shown last). It’s colorful, and the style of drawing is one that I have always been a sucker for.

Check out the full show: Gallery Nucleus

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