Kelly Vivanco & Jason Limon @ Subtext Gallery

Opened just last night, July 31st at the Subtext Gallery in San Diego was “Under the Cover of Darkness: New Works by Kelly Vivanco & Jason Limon”. The show is online for those of us who can’t see the works in person. Kelly’s work looks amazing as usual, and almost seems to be getting more intense. I like the odd shaped panels she has been working on lately. Jason Limón’s new work has really grown on me. I have enjoyed his art since the first time I saw it, the textures the way he cuts the panels he paints on and the slightly muted color palettes. While I liked the content of his older work, I am glad that that he has shifted over to these new elements. It’s always a treat to not only enjoy the technical side of an artists work, but to also be surprised at every new new show not knowing what they will bring.

Subtext Gallery

You can also check out an interview with Kelly and Jason over @ Erratic Phenomena


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