“Lined in Lead: Works in Graphite” @ Gallery Nucleus

The past week or so hasn’t been filled with the most positive news, but hopefully things will be changing soon for everyone. The art shows however just keep coming, and are always a good way to try and brighten your day up and remind you that there are people out there trying to create beautiful things. The latest group show at Gallery Nucleus is a perfect example of this. Entitled “Lined in Lead: Works in Graphite”, this exhibition focuses art created with nothing more than graphite and paper. A few of the artists used toned paper for a more dynamic look, but overall the entirety of the show is one amazing drawing after another. Work by Wesley Burt, Alexandre Day, Andrew Hem, David Jien, Rodrigo Luff, Joao Ruas, Barron Storey, Rob Sato, Shelly Wan, Allen Williams, and Michael Zulli will be on view until April 11th.

Gallery Nucleus

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