“Lowbrow Life” group show @ Copro Gallery

This past Saturday, February 19th, the Copro Gallery opened a group show entitled “Lowbrow Life”. The show features new work by Leslie Ditto, Bob Doucette, Tin, Chrystal Chan, Keith Weesner, and P-Jay Fidler. It’s a good mix of artists with a variety of styles, there is bound to be some work that captures you. I have a hard time keeping up with what the current art scene is named, Lowbrow, Urban Contemporary, New Contemporary and so on, so I was happy to see the show named as such, when the artists in this show are not often linked to the word “Lowbrow”. Either way, it’s a great show. I really liked the new work by Keith Weesner and Chrystal Chan. Leslie Ditto also created a great series of works. She stated that her new works were inspired by “my love of vintage toys and my fascination of the heart and mind of the pure inventor.” The show runs until March 12th, and is now online to view.

Corpo Gallery

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