“New Breed” @ Last Rites Gallery

Just this Saturday, August 1st at the Last Rites Gallery in New York the group show “New Breed” opened. The features work by 10, emerging artists that have never been shown at Last Rites before. The list of participating artist is: David R. Choquette (shown), Shay Davis, Mickey M Edtinger, Paul Gerrard, Charlie Immer, Sara Antoinette Martin, Richard Meyer, Reuben Negrón, Chris Peters & Kurt Wiscombe.

If you have been a reader of the Creep Machine for a while now, you will know David R. Choquette from the “Attack of the B Movie Show”. He entered an amazing Killer Klown painting. He has three in this show, each one looks outstanding. I’m glad he has had the opportunity to show at such a great gallery. Another familiar name is Paul Gerrard, having been featured on the site three times so far. I love his work, and am happy people are seeing how exciting digital art can be. I was also happy to see Charlie Immer (shown). He has been putting out some paintings that are just a blast to look at. Some of these painting have been in a few galleries already, quite possibly due to the price of his working getting too high too fast maybe? The card also shows a painting by Reuben Negron, and while he is in the show that specific piece does not seem to be. He is a very talented painter, one that I have been watching for a while now. He works primarily in watercolors, a medium I have great respect for and seems to be gaining more popularity.

Anyway, make sure you head over to the site and give the full show a look. New Breed @ Last Rites


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