“Nicoletta Ceccoli and Eric Fortune” @ Roq la Rue

Opening this Friday, July 24th at Roq la Rue is two solo shows, ” Beauties and Beasts” by Nicoletta Ceccoli and ” Daughters of Our Nature” by Eric Fortune. Both of these artists are amazing and being able to see their work, side by side in the same gallery is making me wish I lived in Seattle. The show is pretty much all sold out, which is not surprising. Both artists have a very dreamy quality to their work, are masters of their mediums and continue to put out high quality art with no sign of stopping.

I like the fact that both Eric and Nicoletta also use acrylic on paper, with Nicoletta adding graphite to the mix. It just shows that in the right hands, acrylic also has the ability to create works of art that have a glow to them often associated with other mediums.

“Nicoletta Ceccoli and Eric Fortune” @ Roq la Rue


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