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Preview: Travis Lampe and Chris Crites @ Roq la Rue

Coming to Roq la Rue gallery this Friday, June 12th is “Best Loved Tales of Misery and Woe” by Travis Lampe and “About:Face” by Chris Crites. This is Travis’ debut show with the gallery and from the preview images, it looks like its going to be a hit. I am really into cartoon/vintage animation so Lampe’s is always a blast to see. Not only does he have new paintings in the show, but prints and 3d work as well. Vimby has a great interview with him as well, check it out here. I am liking the new work by Chris Crites as well, the paintings while colorful and dynamic, remind me a lot of old cabinet photos. If you can’t wait for the show to be online, make sure you get on the preview list.

Travis Lampe and Chris Crites @ Roq la Rue



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