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Preview: Van Arno & Melissa Forman @ Corey Helford Gallery

Opening this Saturday, October 3rd at the Corey Helford Gallery will be a duo show featuring new works from Van Arno and Melissa Forman. This is Van Arno’s second solo show at the gallery and is entitled “A Change of Skin”, and marks a new direction for the artist “as Arno introduces multiple characters and a looser, more gestural format to his work. The exhibition will also feature 100 limited-edition silk screen show prints that will be available only at the gallery.” Then we have Melissa Forman’s second showing at the gallery as well with “Garden of Shadows”.

Both artists are extremely talented, and being able to see both of their shows in the same gallery is a must for those that are close.

Keep an eye on the site, for now here are some preview images: Corey Helford Gallery

FieldofFlowers forman 500

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