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Review: “Of Melancholy & Monkey Business” – Jackie Gallagher @ Articulated Gallery

On Saturday May 7th, I made my way to the Articulated Gallery on Haight Street in San Francisco to check out a very exciting show. I rarely visit this street anymore, and have never been to this gallery, but it was the reception for the first solo show of Jackie Gallagher, an artist I have been raving about since 2008. I was lucky enough to have a painting of hers in the “This is the End” exhibition and have watched her art become more and more intense throughout the years. This solo exhibition entitled “Of Melancholy and Monkey Business” features 16 paintings by Jacqueline, in one of the most unique galleries I have visited. read the full article for more images, a video and the full review.

Audra of Loved to Death and Jackie Gallagher

The Articulated Gallery is connected to a shop called “Loved To Death“, created by Audra & Brennan Dance. When you first walk into the store you are greeted with taxidermy, momento mori jewelry, art books, and a whole host of art curiosities. It’s one of those shops that you really need to set aside an entire afternoon to peruse. Knowing what kind of art Jackie creates, the Articulated Gallery located in the back of the shop, was the perfect place to have a solo show. The walls of the gallery are painted a nice neutral gray, and allowed the colors of Jackie’s work to do their magic and invade your eyeballs. The gallery space is a medium size, but easily allowed the 16 paintings, large and small, to fit on the walls without looking cluttered at all.

I was able to make another video, and hopefully give fans an idea of what these works looked like together, and how vibrant and unique these paintings are. The video is almost 7 minutes long, but well wort the watch (I Hope), so take a look at then come back for the rest of the review.

Out of the 16 paintings, 2 of them were older works. “Marie” and “Varicose” were made a year or so ago, but still fit in perfectly with the rest of the work. It shows how consistent Jackie is with her color palettes, brushwork, and unique vision. Along with the larger works, 3 sets of smaller series were also created. 4 paintings based on “Octopussy” characters, or small kittens that were adjoined with octopus parts, A couple of monkey paintings, and brain slug paintings. The brain slugs were also seen with the paintings “Choke” and “Drain”, both of which had colors that seemed to glow. The largest painting, “Just Another Feegee Mermaid” hung directly in the back of the gallery space, and was a perfect center piece. It fit well with the other mermaid painting that held the shows name “Of Melancholy & Monkey Business” that was hung next to the entrance door.

I must have walked around the gallery a few times looking at the detail each painting held, and switching back and forth on which painting I thought stole the show. They were all so good, and it really was hard to focus in on just one. It is rare that a show has that feeling, were you leave thinking that every painting held something special. As the patrons poured in I watched the reactions and it was clear with the smiles people had, and the fact that they stuck around and really took their time; that this show is something that needs to be seen. Not matter how hard I tried with camera and video, the details and brushwork are lost in digital images, as is the case with all oil paintings. I even took a few close up shows to show the effort that was made to bring these grotesquely-fantastic characters to life.

Jackie did an amazing job with the new series of works, and if they are any indication of what will come in the next few years, I’m ready to be blown away. I met Jackie before the show and had some questions to ask her for an interview, but we spent most of the time talking about art and other randomness. I resorted to e-mailing the questions to her, so the site will have a full fledged interview and we will be able to expand on some of the questions I asked. After seeing this show up close, I realized that a few of my questions were not involved enough, and came up with a few more as well. So check out the rest of the pics, get to the gallery to see Jackie’s work and the Loved to Death store, oh and they also have 3 prints available: “Pie”, “Just Another Feegee Mermaid”, and “Adolescent Octopussy” each one is $20 and 8″ x 10″.

Check out the works at the gallery shop here: Jackie Gallagher @ Articulated Gallery

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