Scope Miami Beach 2014

Every year around the beginning of December, social media and blogs light up with previews of art that will be on exhibition at either Art Basel, or at the Scope Art Show in Miami, Florida. Along with the images of art, there are always a few articles here and there about why the art world is loathsome and even why this is the worst time to be an artist ever. While these articles touch on a few ideas that I do agree with, I still think great art is being made and even shown at these festivals. Street art is one good example; take a look at for some of the best murals created during the event.

Of the two, Scope tends to have more art and galleries participating, that are similar in style with what I have been (trying) to write about all these years. Most of the work I have seen coming from Art Basel, as seen on the Art Basel Instagram, is along the lines of the types of art I used argue about during art history courses. I do believe that anything can be art and be inspiring, but I won’t deny that sometimes it feels that the artist is trying to pull a fast one on us. So for the purposes of this article, I will be sharing some of the works from Scope that I found inspiring, and really wish I was able to see in person. You can also check out the Scope Art Instagram for more work.

127 Contemporary art galleries exhibited work this year (full list); here are a few familiar ones: C.A.V.E. Gallery, Copro Gallery, Fifty24MX, Gauntlet Gallery, Hashimoto Contemporary, Inner State Gallery, Jonathan Levine Gallery, Phone Booth Gallery, StolenSpace, and Thinkspace Gallery. I’ll be going through the full list of exhibitors this week, and will hopefully stumble upon some new art.

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