Shows now online: Tim Biskup, Fred Harper & “Unspeakable”

Sorry for the lag in posts on the site, I am getting ready to move so posting here takes a bit of effort. I will be a little slow for the next week or so, after that I am back to full time posting. Thanks for sticking around.

Anyway, here is a list of a few shows that opened this past week, they are viewable online right now.

“Unspeakable” is a dual show featuring work by Joe Ledbetter and Andrew Brandou. It looks amazing, I’m really digging the work that Brandou has created. Check it out here G1988 SF

At the Last Rites Gallery is also a dual show with work from Fred Harper and Christopher Conte. I really dig what Fred Harper comes up with. There are a few prints available from Fred on the site as well. Check out the show here: Last Rites Gallery

Youc an also catch two shows at the Jonathan Levine Gallery, Tim Biskup and Hamilton Yokota (Titi Freak). I really like the energetic art that Hamilton has come up with. Check it out here: Jonathan Levine Gallery

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