“Subtleties of Character” @ WWA Gallery

Omn Thursday, December 10th, a group show curated by Dan Barry entitled “Subtleties of Character” opened at the WWA Gallery. This group show features artwork by Glenn Barr, Ana Bagayan, Matt Dangler, Richard J Frost, Jeremiah Ketner, Luis Lorenzana, Mia Makila, Buddy Nestor, Kevin Peterson, Saratoga Sake, Nouar, Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy, and many more. There is some really great work in this show, I was happy to see some drawings by Buddy Nestor. His drawing style is just as captivating as his paintings, I hope he releases some more drawings soon as these ones sold out very fast. I also really liked Glenn Barr’s “Idyll Worship”, and it just so happens that Glenn has a print of the study over at his shop (here).

Check out the full show: “Subtleties of Character” @ WWA Gallery

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