The Butcher Kings @ Gallery 1988

On October 6th, Gallery 1988 in Melrose opened a duo show with Alex Pardee and Skinner under the moniker of the “The Butcher Kings”. The two artists took aim at pop culture and created over 80 works of art that were not only offensive in some cases, but were quite brilliant and make this show a must see. I have always been a fan of pushing art to the edge; art should move people, make them think, make them laugh, and make them offended if need be. The works in this show feature characters from many cartoons, movies, comic books, and various pop culture icons. Some of the titles in the show feature the kind of wordplay that seems easy to come up with such as Karate Kid N’ Play, and M.C. Hammerhead, and I know quite a lot of people do this with friends and in daily situations. The idea here is that these two artists took it past joking in the halls and at work, and made a cohesive full show. It looks as though Skinner might have a bit more work on view, however Alex Pardee came up with some pieces that really defined the show such as C3PeeHole and ElephantMan-At-Arms. Head on over after the preview and take a look at the rest of the show.

Butcher Kings @ Gallery 1988

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