“The Psycho Legacy” @ Hyaena Gallery

For just one night only, October 19th, the Hyaena Gallery hosted “The Psycho Legacy Art Exhibit”. In celebration of the dvd release of Psycho Legacy, there was a signing at Dark Delicacies with many of the people that worked on the movies, and then the party moved over to the Hyaena Gallery for some Psycho inspired art. Jeremy Cross, Clint Carney, Chuck Hodi, Char Hall, and Strephon Taylor were just a few of the names that participated in this one night event. There is some great work in the show, but for me the standout piece is “The House that Death Built” by Char Hall (below). Great layout, beautifully executed, and is one of those paintings that would make an art lover happy that never even saw the movies.

Check out the full show here: Psycho Legacy @ Hyaena Gallery

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