Van Arno – “The Minstrel Cycle” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

On April 16th, the Jonathan Levine Gallery opened a new solo show from Los Angeles artist Van Arno. This is the artist’s first solo show at the gallery, and features some of his biggest paintings yet. The exhibition is entitled “The Minstrel Cycle” and the show title “references minstrelsy, a controversial form of entertainment from the 1800s, in which performers in blackface lampooned African-American culture through comic-musical variety acts loaded with racial stereotypes.” There are seven paintings in this show, and continue Van Arno’s always exciting, dynamically posed mythical and historical figurative paintings. In the artist’s words: “I attempt to paint the archetypical moment of clarity and passion. Imagery must be made exciting and alive. Rules of lighting, anatomy, gravity and physics must be bent or broken to make the picture LOUD. That is the ultimate goal of my work.” Van Arno’s paintings are consistently filled with some of the most intense colors, layouts, and contorted and stylized figures around. Along with images of the paintings, the gallery also has some shots that show the paintings hung, giving online viewers an idea of scale.

Check it out: Van Arno @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

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