Fred Harper

“I graduated with a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH.
Moving to New York City from Ohio was both exciting and terrifying. I only knew a few people and had never visited New York. The closest I came was The Meadowlands in 85′ for a Grateful Dead concert I couldn’t get into. I only knew of New York through the movies and the few New Yorkers that I’d met, most of who were not natives and quite fun! The architecture and vibrant street life inspired me the most. I’m fascinated by the interaction between the past and the present. Pipes that come out of a sidewalk with no apparent purpose. Wires painted over countless times. In the subway layers of pipes and wires and dirt and tiles became a backdrop in my thoughts. The subway usually involves some waiting, so I began trying to figure out what all the pipes did, where they came from. Pipes laid down in 1900 that are still in use are wrapped in conduit from the 50’s to new metal wires tied together and draped on a temporary hook with a scribbled message for the next worker that comes by. The intention of the pipes, etc. was never for decoration, but the accumulation of all these things appeals to my aesthetic. People wait in front of tiles and pipes and wires and decay for the next train and I get inspired to paint.”

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