Jeremy Brotherton

Jeremy Brotherton is a photographer out of Ohio. He works with digital as well as film photography. If very skilled with Photoshop and knows how to process a photo without killing the magic that the photo had to begin with. His pictures have a great feel to them, and look as though they could have come from a variety of time periods. If you like the dark, surreal and noir kind of look, i’m sure you will enjoy his work as much as I do.

Artists Statement
: “Who am I? I’m a ghost in the world who fades in and out of this world and a world of creativity. A person who weaves threw a sea of faces each day sometimes wishing to go unnoticed. I’m just me, a trivial being playing my part in the greater scheme of things. And my photos are my view of the world I live in.”

If you like his work, check out his homepage and profile.
Jeremy Brotherton Profile & Homepage

He also got a Daily Deviation award on DeviantArt for one of his photos. Congratulations! You can see the post here: Urban Phantom Daily Deviation

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