Mr. Christopher

Instead of a generic short bio, I’ll just do a short interview with myself. That’ll reflect my personality better.

Me: “Introduce Yourself.”
Me: “Um, my name is Christopher Trenary. I’m 22 years old. I live in the Mighty Midwest.”
Me: ”Ah, so does your Midwestern environment influence your work at all?”
Me: “Fuck no! Do you see wheat and sunflowers in my paintings?!”
Me: “No, well . . . I mean there’s an obvious graffiti influence. Is there a strong street art movement in Kansas?”
Me: ”You’d be surprised. People don’t give the Midwest enough credit when it comes to street art. There are a lot of really talented graffiti writers from my area.”
Me: “Are you involved with that culture?”
Me: “Sure am. I’ve been getting up for, let’s see, probably about 5 years. But, I’d always been focused on being a fine artist. Graffiti just keeps traditional painting fresh for me.”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Me: “Well, you know. Oh shit, hold on a second. I’m getting a phone call . . . . . . . . Sorry about that. It was my best friend Al Sharpton. He wanted to know if I wanted to drive racecars with him in China. What were you saying?”
Me: ”You said that graffiti keeps traditional painting fresh for you”
Me: “ Oh yeah, I need a break for being in the studio. Art is more about the process than the product for me. Bringing that graffiti process into my gallery work keeps me from getting bored.”
Me: ”Tell me, what are the motives in your work? Why do you paint what you paint?”
Me: “It’s normally whatever’s pissing me off at the time. You know? Girls, art, yuppies, the police, money . . .”
Me: “So basically, it’s a reaction to what’s going on around you.”
Me: “Exactly.”
Me: “Well, that’s about it. It was a pleasure meeting you.”
Me: “I bet it was. Just kidding. You’re alright.”

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