“An open letter to Kidrobot…” by Jeremy Brautman

Jeremy Brautman, Bay Area writer and “toy maven”, posted a great article over at Spanky Stokes about Kidrobot and the direction they have been going. I have read a lot of criticism about Kidrobot, vinyl collectibles and idea that the “art aspect” of it all is going away. This is definitely one of the more enjoyable articles I have read, and it worth checking out even if you could care less about vinyl toys. Here is an exerpt:

“Dear Kidrobot,

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. How’ve you been? Not so great? Yeah, I know. A lot of us have been wondering basically what the hell happened to you since we met.

In January 2004, Wired ran an article called “The New Cubicle Commandos” that really resonated with me. You were mentioned in the story, which led me to visit you on Haight Street in San Francisco. Six years ago, the tiny Kidrobot shop was a cool place to go. Back then, you sold Qees, and I’d pick them up regularly. You had these glass cases in the middle of the shop, and the contents were like a mini museum. I chatted with Frank Kozik as he signed his first range of Labbits that year. He was grouchy. It was cramped. But it felt like something was happening. Something interesting…”

Head on over and read the full article: An open letter to Kidrobot… @ Spanky Stokes

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