Comic Con ’07 happenings

This years San Diego Comic Con is going to have some great artists present, and some great collectibles to be had. Of course, I mismanaged my money this year and won’t be attending. But what I can do, is put together a great list of things to do, my little way of living vicariously through others. There is a huge amount of stuff to see, so I’ll keep it down to what is relevant to this site.

Scott Saw will be with Mary Fleener, right across from Last Gasp. Selling all sorts of goodies. Booth #1621

Last Gasp will have artists signing, such as Mark Ryden. Find them at Booth #1616. Check the signing schedule here

Mike Sosnowski will have prints and originals at Booth #5515

Gris Grimly will be at Booth #509, and will showing Cannibal Flesh Riot on the 28th at the Zombie Lounge

Dark Horse Comics will have all sorts of artists signing like; Tara Mcpherson, Eric Powell, Steve Niles & Bernie Wrightson, Mike Mignola and others. All at Booth #2615, check the signing schedule here

Hi Fructose & Attaboy will be at Booth #4734, artists such as Amy Sol, Mars1, Brian McCarty and James Jean will be signing stuff. Check the signing schedule here

will be at Booth #4629, they will have artists singing exclusive toys and collectibles.

Ben Templesmith will be all over the place. It’s best just to see his schedule here

Tara McPherson will be at her own Booth #5022, with toys, prints, originals and so on. She will also be at Booth #4151 on Firday from 3-4pm with Mike Mignola. Releasing her amazing Hellboy Qee variant. Preview it Here

Jeff Soto will be at Booth #4933. he will be releasing his new Lucky 13 Calendar, Hope Zine, new giclee, and Orion Egg.

Brandt Peters will be at Booth #5333 for MINDstyle releasing his new Slap Happy vinyl toy.

Gary Baseman will be at Booth #4829 on Saturday with his Limited Edition of 100 Gold Hotchachachas.

The Munky King booth will be overflowing with signings and new releases. A new toy and book by Amanda Visell, Thomas Han and the Pizz, and an exclusive Possessed toy by Luke Chueh. Check the schedule here.

Finally, Ashley Wood will be at the IDW booth, and Booth #5113 signing and showing paintings, and new statues. This is the number one thing i’m sad to miss. I really wish I could see his work in person. How many other times is his work shown other than at Comic Cons?

I’m sure I missed so much more, but I hope this will help a bit. If there are any that I missed, please let me know and I’ll add them to this list. If anyone takes any photos (or wants to buy me an Ashley Wood piece) let me know, i’d love to see any photos.

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