Day after the B Movie Show, and one night left

Last night was the reception, and it was great. Matt Delight played some killer tunes. The Space Gallery did some live screen printing of the show poster, which was very cool. I also heard the video loop that was playing was pretty crazy, I’ll make sure to watch it later.

A good amount of the artists were there as well, Josh Callaway, Jesse Balmer, Ryan “Deli” De La Hoz showed up, and even a few flew in for the show like Drew Falchetta, R.M Hanson and Irene Mendonis. It was great being able to meet them all, as well as all the people who stopped to check out the show and said hi like Monica Choy and Paul Lewin, who by the way is an amazing artist as well.

Tonight is the very last night, so stop and buy and check out the art. After this night the art will only be available on the Creep Machine store, if you check it out right now a few pieces have sold already.

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