Gallery shows starting this December 1st

342a_dwdllweb.jpgSome really amazing shows are opening this Dec 1st. I wish I could hop in an old VW bus and just hit them all up.

Vivisect Playground (Round 4) opens up at the Gallery 1988 in San Franciso. The show is being curated by Luke Chueh. Greg “Craola” Sinkins will also be in attendance and a new print of his will be released that night. Some of the artists being shown are: Alex Pardee, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Angry Woebots, Amy Sol, Roland Tamayo, Joe Ledbetter, Isaac Pierro, Dave Pressler, Amanda Visell, Rachel Wong, Matt Dangler, Walt Hall and many others.

“Wishful Thinking” starts at the Project Gallery in Los Angeles. 50+ artists will create xmas themed cards, and all the proceeds of the show will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, how cool is that? Some artists being shown here are: Luke Chueh, Blaine Fontana, Edwin Ushiro, Tessar Lo, and others.

In Costa Mesa at the JFlynn Gallery, “Tree Trimmings II” opens. This ornament based show will feature: Mike Aho, Leanne Biank, Megan Brain, Calef Brown, Scott Chenoweth, Mindy Cherri, Melissa Contreras, Albert Cueller, Inky Dreadfuls, Andrew Hem, CJ Metzger, Daniel Peacock, Nathan Spoor, Julie West, Jaime Zollars and others.

Ray Ceasar has a solo show @ the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NY. Adam Wallcavage will be shown in the project room.

“To:__From:__” group show at the Carmichael Gallery in West Hollywood. There is a huge amount of artists showing work, and the best part is that none of the works will be more than $500, most will be under $100. This is a great chance to grab some original work from some great artists. Some of the artist that will be shown are: Bil Betsovic, J. Asher Lynch, Ken Garduno, Mehgan Trice, Scott Saw and many others.

Lab101 will have the group show “Happy Endings”, which will feature the work of: Andrew Pommier, Andy Kehoe, Blaine Fontana, Caia Koopman, Dave Kinsey, Edwin Ushiro and many others.

Jeremy Nichols and Mar Hernandez will be at the Rivet Gallery in Ohio.

The amazing Michael Slack will be having a solo show at the Blue Bottle Gallery in Seattle. The show looks great, and there is also some prints to be had.

Kris Knight has a show entitled “How We Quit the Forest” at the Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects. I’m getting really hooked with Kris’s work, you can see more here.

And finally, if my VW bus could fly, i would head over to Germany for the “Don’t Wake Daddy II” show. The list of artists is huge, and if you look at the flyer you can see that previously featured artist here Mia Makila will be there, along with Paul Chatem, Brendan Danielsson, David Chung, Dan May, Ron English, Ryan Heshka and loads others.

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