Happy Holidays with a new Chet Zar Interview

Well I hope everyone is having a good Holiday break, for those that get breaks that is. I know some companies and bosses make their employees work over the holiday break, ruthless if you ask me.

Some really great content will be coming during this new year, some more interviews, articles and so on. Speaking of interviews, I just added a new interview with Chet Zar. He is one of my favorite artists, so this was a real pleasure being able to ask him some questions.

If you happened to save some money this holiday, or was even given some money, treat yourself to a print maybe? There are many great places to buy prints, but please try to support the sites that deal strictly with prints and work very hard to insure you get a killer product. Not sites like Cafepress, who really have no idea what they are sending you. Head on over to Blueflip Art, Thumbtack Press, and even the artists that you likes website. If that artist doesn’t have prints, let them know you would love to buy some.

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    Thomas Nigel
    Jan 30, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    Brian Sherwin did an interview with Chet that you might enjoy. It was for the blog. :P

    Brian Sherwin Interviews Chet Zar

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