Some great shows online

I’m not sure what is up with this month, but there are some very cool shows going on. Many of them are online for your viewing pleasure.

dust_stella.jpgThe Lineage Gallery has a group show called “Together, Alone” featuring works from Amy Sol & Stella Im Hultberg. The new works from Stella blow me away. I think the thing that I love the best about her work is that she keeps on evolving, unlike many others that get comfortable doing similar works over and over. She lets her work grow and become more intense. These new pieces are so dynamic and rich.

We have the solo show of Mari Inukai, “Kuro-To-Shiro”. Some really great pieces there, I love her style.

invite_nicoletta.jpgDennis Brown aka Bagger43 has his solo show “Pthalo & Umber” at the ThinkSpace Gallery online as well. There are still many pieces available, I’m surprised. If I could I would snag up either ” Ci’Ci ” or ” El’Ci “. Great price, and I love how brushy they are.

Finally a new artist I have been introduced to, Nicoletta Ceccoli has a solo show at Magic Pony called “Inflorescence”. I’ve very glad she contacted me to let me know about the show, her work is amazing. I love finding new artists that can really control acrylic and come up with some killer work, she handles acrylic much like Keith Weesner does. Head on over to her show and check the work out.

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    Nov 20, 2007 at 10:01 am

    thanks for posting about nicoletta ceccoli! she’s one of my favorite new artists. here’s a link to all her work at magic pony:

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    Nov 20, 2007 at 4:08 pm

    yeh her work is great. I’m definitely going to be showing more and more of her work.

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