I just wanted to make a post and let all the fans know that the Creep Machine is still here, even if there has been a bit of silence lately. This is longest I have ever gone without making a post and I am not very happy about it. Without getting into too much detail, I was recently laid off from a job (as many people have been this past year) and I needed to rearrange my life in order to take care of family. So this left me with little time to update the site, and for a bit I wasn’t even sure I would be able to keep the site alive during this hiatus.

It is my goal this year to get going with the site again, change the look, and even move to a more reliable server. I may have had bad luck with a job, but this could be an opportunity to work harder on this site. The Creep Machine Facebook page (here) has stayed active, with the help of the amazing Maria Pickering, so please make sure you check that out as well, she has done an amazing job with that page. It’s a tough economy out there, and while I would love to do nothing more than write about art, I refuse to allow this site to get cluttered with garish ads dominating the site. I am confident this year will bring new things, and a job will come soon. What happens when we get knocked down? We get right back up, swinging. Thanks to all the fans that have stuck around, and I hope all of you had an amazing holiday.

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