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    New work by Aaron Nagel

    Aaron Nagel is currently painting away for his upcoming solo show at Thinkspace, in which he will show 5 new paintings alongside Jennifer Nehrbass and Jeff Ramirez. I took a look…

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    Travis Louie on Sketch Theatre

    Sketch Theatre has just added a new video to the site, this one is from Travis Louie. This is the artists 6th video on the site, and also comes out right…

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    Tim Biskup launches new web site

    Tim Biskup has recently redesigned his homepage, and has made it easier for fans to check out his work, keep up to date with news and so on. The gallery is…

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    New work by Mike Maxwell

    It has just been a couple of months since Mike Maxwell’s latest solo show, “Extra Sensory”, took place at Subtext Gallery in San Diego, CA. Mike has jumped right back into…

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    New work by Erik Jones

    Erik Jones (featured), an artist I have not shown on the site in quite a long time, has come out with a bunch of new work. He also recently had a…