Books: Double Talk by KRK Ryden

Porterhouse Editions is set to release the first book by artist KRK Ryden entitled “Double Talk”. This hard-bound book is a collection of homographs by Ryden, is 15-1/4″ x 9-3/4″ x 3/4″, 114 pages with 51 black and white illustrations with a short essay about the artist. The book comes in two editions, the standard with just the book, and the Special Edition (limited to 50) comes in a handmade, clothbound, foil-stamped, clamshell box, a bookmark, and a signed and numbered limited edition letterpress print. This book will be available November 20th, and pre-ordered books will ship November 26th. Take a look at the preview and then head over to Porterhouse for more images as well as a video that features KRK Ryden reading some excerpts from his book.

Double Talk by KRK Ryden

Books: Yore Extended Edition by Joao Ruas @ Eidolon Fine Arts

Back in November 2011, Thinkspace Gallery opened an exhibition of new works by Brazilian artist Joao Ruas entitled Yore. A show catalogue and a book of sketches and ideas for the show was once available, but now is long sold out. In the coming weeks Eidolon Fine Arts will release an expanded edition of the Yore catalogue. The book will contain not only images of the works, but sketches and process shots, as well as detailed views of the works. The book will be 7.75″ × 9.75″, hardcover volume printed on 148 GSM lustre paper with black endpapers and hand-embellished details. It is accompanied by a tipped-in, signed and stamped print of “Small Gorgoneion II” printed on 330 GSM hot press cotton rag paper, as well as a beautifully produced numbered micro certificate.

This amazing will be available for a two-week period beginning July 29, 12 pm UTC-3/6 am PST, ending August 13, 11:59 am UTC/5:59 am PST, with the final edition size being determined by the number of orders. Like most time released prints, anyone who purchases a book during this window is guaranteed a copy. Below are some preview shots of the book; we will also be posting a reminder once it gets closer to the release date so that all Creep Machine fans have a shot at this release.

“Fat Tony” vinyl collectible by Ron English

A little over a week ago, Ron English previewed a new vinyl collectible on his site called “Fat Tony”, and as you can see is a play on Tony the Tiger, but it looks as though he has been indulging too much in his own product. The toy is 9″ tall and both arms are articulated. It’s available on a few sites around the net, the first I found was Nowhere Limited, but I imagine you could search for your favorite shop to see if they have one.

Books: Pre-order “White: A Decade” by Michael Hussar

Back in 2010 at the Alternative Press Expo (reviewed), I talked about a new book in the works from Baby Tattoo for artist Michael Hussar. The book, entitled White: A Decade is now finally ready for pre-order and from the preview images, looks amazing. If the news around the net is correct, the book is roughly 8″ x 11″ and 250 pages.

The book will be released in Italy this February, and then in March 1st there will be a release and signing in Los Angeles. For any order placed via the link below, the book will not arrive until a few days after the 1st, but will come with a hand-signed bookplate by Hussar. I have also heard that there will be a limited edition run of this book later on, possibly with a hard slipcase, prints, etc. For now, I am excited this book is finally here. Take a look at the preview images below, pulled from Michael Hussar’s Facebook feed, and then head over to pre-order the book.

Hussar White Pre-Order

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“Zombie in Love” @ Gallery Nucleus by Scott C

Back in September Gallery Nucleus opened a solo show from Scott C, that completely slipped our radar. The show was entitled Zombie in Love, and fits perfectly with the Halloween season. The show featuring a series of paintings that made up Scott’s latest book Zombie in Love. The reception had Scott give a book reading, a drawing demo, and fans even showed up dressed like zombies. Looks like it was quite a fun evening. The show and reception photos are online to view, and you can still grab the book from the Nucleus online store (here). Hardcover, 32 pages, and you can order it signed or unsigned.

“Zombie in Love” @ Gallery Nucleus

“Uncle Six Eyes” sculpture by Travis Louie

About 2 years at the San Diego Comic Con, a sculpture by Bigshot Toyworks was presented, “Uncle Six Eyes” by Travis Louie. The sculpture was a full figure, identical to what was created in the original painting. Now Shinbone Creative (formerly Bigshot) has just released the “Uncle Six Eyes” resin sculpture, although now it is a bust. Measuring at 10″ x 7.5″ x 7″, this resin sculpture is limited to 150 pieces at $120 each. I like the idea that they changed it into a bust, and the color really makes this looks as though it has a nice aged patina to it.

Shinbone Creative

Tara McPherson “Lilitu” x Kidrobot Black

Kidrobot is getting ready to release a new addition to the “Black” series, which previously saw vinyl collectibles by Doze Green, Jeff Soto, SSUR, and Gary Baseman. This new collectible is by Tara McPherson and is based off of her “Lilitu” painting (shown below). This 8 inch vinyl will be limited to an edition of 200, and much like the rest of the series is going to sell out fast. As you can see by the images below, the limited color palette, along with the great design from the artist, really make this one dynamic collectible. As stated by Tara: “This painting is based on the Sumerian myth of the demon Lilitu. Representing chaos, seduction and ungodliness. She is a sexually charged yet infertile succubus who behaves aggressively toward men and children killing them at her every whim, her breasts are filled with poison not milk. In her every guise, Lilitu has cast an evil spell on humankind.” Thanks to Notcot for the heads up, check out their site for an animated gif showing all sides of the sculpture.

Keep your eyes on the site, a release date will be posted soon. Kidrobot Black

New art book by Dan Harding

Dan Harding recently released a new art book featuring some of his most popular paintings. I took some more photos to show the inside, and give an idea how the images are laid out. The book is 6″ x 8″, and has 20 full color pages. If your a fan of Dan’s work this is a great little book to have and it comes directly from the artists for $20 + shipping. You can get one by contacting them here:

“Speak of the Devil” box set by Godmachine

Godmachine has just released a limited edition box set to his online shop. Entitled “Speak of the Devil”, this box set includes one stainless steel, 2 inch pentagram, one a4 (8 1.4″ x 11 3.4″) single color print on recycled chipboard, and one black tagless shirt with the “Speak of the Devil” design on the front. It all comes in a box, stamped and numbered with red tissue and shipped to you to preserve quality. This box set is limited to an edition of 50. This is a great opportunity to score not only a print from this amazing artist, but a shirt and pendant.

Check it out: Godmachine Shop

Godmachine – “Tempus” Vannen Watch

Dropping tomorrow, May 5th from Vannen Watches is a new limited edition timepiece by the outstanding Godmachine. I haven’t much about Vannen Watches, if at all, but I think it’s a great new way for fans to got some art they love that isn’t a print, t-shirt, or iphone skin. They’ve released quite a few watches so far, from such artists as Alex Pardee, Brian Morris, Travis Lampe, McBess, and more. Godmachine’s new watch Tempus (latin for time) is limited to 150 watches, with 10 silver variants. Each watch comes in signed and numbered packaging enclosed in a body bag, and you even get a Godmachine sticker. It’s an intense looking watch, but what else would you expect from such a dynamic artist? If you head over to the Vannen site there is also a good interview with Godmachine, so check out the watch and get to know the artist a bit more.

Godmachine @ Vannen Watches

Chet Zar’s “Ugly American” Catalog on Sale

Chet Zar’s “Ugly American” catalog from his “Ugly America” exhibition that took place at the Strychnin Gallery in 2008, is now for sale in his online shop. The catalog features all 13 of the paintings that were in the show, as well as previous works. The book is full color, 64 pages, and includes a forward by TOOL guitarist Adam Jones.

Chet Zar Store

“Animal Love Summer” Special Edition Book and Print by Marion Peck

Porterhouse Art is releasing a new special edition book by Marion Peck this Thursday, March 24th at 8am Pacific. The book is entitled “Animal Love Summer” and features 118 of Peck’s finest paintings from 1993 to 2010. The book is 128 pages, 11-3/4″ x 9-1/4″ signed and numbered, and comes with a signed and numbered 10″ x 8″ print. The book and print come in a clothbound clamshell box, and the set is limited to an edition of 250.

Porterhouse Art