Die Wunderkammer; Objects of Virtue

Thanks to the generosity of artist Lori Field, I recently had the pleasure of attending the VIP opening of a new exhibition, Die Wunderkammer; Objects of Virtue. Curated by Jason Patrick Voegele and Keith Schweitzer of Republic Worldwide this wondrous exhibition is installed at a new gallery called The Lodge at 131 Chrystie Street in New York City. This block of Chrystie Street is jam packed with wunderkammer goodness thanks to speakeasy Fig 19 and its neighbor, Home Sweet Home, which both boast a beautiful collection of taxidermy and curio. I think the entire cast of Oddities NY was in attendance.

Republic Worldwide is a team of curators and art consultants who put together some wonderfully inspiring group shows in unlikely places (not an easy thing to do). Their website describes this particular exhibition simply:

Open to the public from March 21st through May 1st, 2013, Republic Worldwide deconstructs and reimagines the traditional Wunderkammer through works by over a dozen New York based contemporary artists that will stoke your sense of wonder and odd delight. Artists include Paul Brainard, Kate Clark, Lori Field, Aaron Johnson, Melora Kuhn, Dennis McNett, Hayley McCulloch, Pop Mortem, Lucia Pedi, Mac Premo, Graham Preston, Christy Rupp, Tom Sanford, Sigrid Sarda and Madeline Von Foerster. Curated by Keith Schweitzer and Jason Patrick Voegele.

Anyone in New York tonight can visit the public opening of the exhibition – details in the flyer above and their facebook event page. Here’s a brief sneak peek at the exhibition (all photos by Samantha Levin):

Sigrid Sarda | "Memento Mori" (detail) | mixed media, 13.5x13.5x12 in

Kate Clark | "Rivalry" (installation view) | baboon hide, foam, clay, pins, thread, rubber eyes, rope, 48x48x84 inches

Kate Clark | "Rivalry" (detail) | baboon hide, foam, clay, pins, thread, rubber eyes, rope, 48x48x84 inches

Kate Clark with her sculpture "Rivalry"

Lori Field | "Cold War" | silverpoint on black ground

Madeline von Foerster | "Reliquary for Saartjie" | oil

on panel, 21x18 in

Christy Rupp | "Ivory II (Walrus Tusk with COREXIT Dispersant Chemical Molecule Structure 2 | wax, mixed media, dimensions variable

Mac Premo | "Totally Stick Your Head In This Hole" (detail) | wood, drill, mixed media, dimensions variable

Mac Premo | "Totally Stick Your Head In This Hole" (reading directions) | wood, drill, mixed media, dimensions variable

Mac Premo | "Totally Stick Your Head In This Hole" (head in hole - no, I'm not going to tell you what happened to her.) | wood, drill, mixed media, dimensions variable

Dennis McNett | "Wolfbat Spirit Wolf" | wood, paper mache, woodcut prints, dimensions variable

Aaron Johnson | "Voodoo Child" | acrylic on polyester knit mesh, 40x32 inches

Aaron Johnson | "Voodoo Child" (detail showing layering) | acrylic on polyester knit mesh, 40x32 inches

Exclusive Preview: For Smoke & Mirrors by Ransom & Mitchell @ Varnish Art

Coming this Saturday, September 8th, to the Varnish Art Gallery in San Francisco is the debut exhibition For Smoke & Mirrors by Ransom & Mitchell. This SF based art duo includes Jason Mitchell, photographer-director, and Stacy Ransom, set designer and photo-illustrator. Since 2004 the couple has Purebred Studios, a still and motion production studio in SF, that along with client work also serves as the studio they use for personal projects. Not only do Ransom & Mitchell create breathtaking images based on artist they respect, they also share how these photos were created in a behind the scenes website they call Fake Believe. Fans are able to see that what they believed to be photoshop illustration in the image was in fact part of the set, or even a full costume that was constructed just for the shoot. While living in San Francisco for a short time, I was asked to stop by the studio and hang out while the the duo and their crew worked on a new artist shoot with Scott Musgrove. Below is an exclusive image of one of the final photos from the Scott Musgrove sitting. Read more for a breakdown of the days events, and more images of this upcoming exhibition.

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Guild of the Black Eagle 5 at Fuse Gallery

David Hochbaum enjoys creative collaboration – I believe it’s all related to his love of alchemy and what happens when you mix mysterious, random chemicals together. Will they explode, fizz a little or turn different colors? Sometimes the mixing of artists’ voices brings out surprising, unforgettable results.

The Guild of the Black Eagles is one of these group collaborations of sorts that David has been a part of: “The purpose for [the Guild's] inception was to celebrate and exhibit the growing community of artists circulating around [David's] life.” It began in 2006 as a salon held in his large loft studio space in Manhattan. After 3 more iterations in the same location, an all men’s version of the Guild went to the art fairs in Cologne, Germany in 2010. For this fifth event, the exhibition consists of artwork all by women.

Participating artists: Kristen Ferrell, Danielle de Piccotto, Annie Kyle, Samantha Levin, Philly-KONDOR8, Evelyn Tiernan, Gabriela Vainsencher, Alison Silva, Sara Gage, Zoë Williams, Allison Berkoy and Elka Amorim

Fuse Gallery is located at 93 2nd Avenue (between 5th & 6th Streets).
Guild of the Black Eagle 5 is opening Wednesday night, June 6 at 7pm and will be on view through July 5, 2012.

Zoe Williams | Proboscis

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Preview: “Scuffle” by Charlie Immer @ Stranger Factory Gallery

Another solo show along with Chet Zar’s opening at the Stranger Factory Gallery this Friday, June 1st, is Scuffle by Charlie Immer. This new show features close to a dozen new paintings and drawings. There are a few paintings in this new crop of work that have minimal backgrounds, and allow the viewer to focus more on the amazing characters Immer creates. I also love the idea that there is a few drawings; Immer’s style look outstanding in graphite as well. Take a look at the preview images below, and as always keep your eyes on the galleries website for the full show.

Stranger Factory Gallery

Preview: “Le Petite Mort” by Chet Zar @ Stranger Factory Gallery

Opening this Friday, June 1st, at the Stranger Factory Gallery in Albuquerque is three solo shows, the first of which is from Chet Zar. This new series of works is entitled Le Petite Mort and features 11, 5″ x 7″ oil paintings, each with a hand-cast resin frame. While these works are smaller, they show how a skilled painter and craftsman such as Chet Zar can make art of any size incredibly intense, detail rich, and most importantly continue to show why Chet is one of the best dark artists working today. Take a look at the preview images, and then keep your eye on the galleries webpage for the full show. If your in the area, the reception is June 1st starting at 6pm.

Stranger Factory Gallery

Preview: Suggestivism NYC @ Bold Hype Gallery

Opening this week, May 10th, is a group show curated by Nathan Spoor entitled Suggestivism NYC. This new show will feature over 40 of the most exciting, intriguing, and talented artists in the contemporary art scene such as: Chris Mars, Skinner, Chet Zar, Dan May, Nathan Ota, Jeff McMillan, Rod Luff, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Joe Vaux, Bob Schneider, Mia, Naoto Hattori, Bob Dob, Tom Bagshaw, Jason Maloney, David Molesky, Darren LeGallo, Michael Page, Kevin Peterson, Thomas Doyle, Sandow Birk, Heidi Taillefer, Yevgeniya Mikhailik, Brendan Monroe, Annie Owens, Eric Althin, Jason Limon, Joey Remmers, Chandler Wood, Martin Wittfooth, Eric Richardson, Francesco LoCastro, Nathan Spoor, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Scott Scheidly, NC Winters, Christian Van Minnen, Winnie Truong, Julian Callos, Heiko Müller, and Marco Mazzoni.

According to Spoor, Suggestivism “does not center around claiming a title for giving any movement a name, but for introducing a common creative thread amongst several disparate and unique voices within the modern art world.” Richard Chang once stated that Suggestivism has its roots in 19th century artist such as James McNeill Whistler, Georges Seurat and Arthur B. Davies. The show will run until June 30th, so if your in the area, make sure to stop by.

Bold Hype Gallery

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Preview: “Creatures of the Night” by Jackie Gallagher @ Articulated Gallery

Opening this weekend at the Articulated Gallery in San Francisco is a new solo show by Jackie Gallagher entitled “Creatures of the Night”. Last year around this time Jackie had her first solo show at the gallery and it did very well. This latest show will feature a new series of works, that still have that creepiness her work is known for, but the colors palette used throughout the series is this amazing “hard-candy” theme. Along with large scale paintings, there will also be some smaller works around 5″ x 7″, and even some charcoal drawings. The reception is this Saturday, May 5th, and starts at 8pm and runs until 10pm. There will be refreshments, music by DJ Nako, and Jackie will be in attendance. Here is the Facebook event page for all the details.

Preview: “Twin Peaks; Fire Walk With Me” Group Show @ Copro Gallery

Opening this Saturday, April 21st, at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica is a new group show entitled Twin Peaks; Fire Walk With Me
20th Anniversary Group Art Exhibition
. A year ago in February, Clifton’s Brookdale hosted In the Trees: Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition, which had some amazing artwork (seen here), and many of he artists from that round will be seen in this latest exhibition. Martin Wittfooth, Glenn Barr, Chris Berens, Brett Amory, Chris Mars, Dan May, Chris Buzelli, Billy Norrby, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Esao Andrews, Lori Earley, Brian Viveros, Ryan Heshka, Scott C, Chet Zar, Paul Chatem, Stella Im Hultberg, and many more.

There is some very strong work in this exhibition, I was especially intrigued with the paintings by Billy Norrby, Glenn Barr, and Dan Quintana. Stella Im Hultberg submitted another beautiful painting, and I was happy see a landscape by Chris Peters. The stand out piece for me was Deliverance by Lori Earley (seen first). I was a great surprise to see Lori submit a digital painting that had some oil, acrylic, and mixed media embellishments to it. The more I looked at it I could see her style peek out, but the overall work is a new direction that I really hope she continues with. During the reception there will be a limited edition print available of this painting, un-embellished, signed and numbered in an edition of 20. This is bound to be a mind-blowing exhibition, so if your in the area make sure to stop by, otherwise check out the preview images and then over to the website.

“Twin Peaks; Fire Walk With Me” @ Copro Gallery

Preview: Paul Chatem “Another Man’s Hero” @ Shooting Gallery

Opening this Saturday, April 14th, at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco is the latest solo show by Paul Chatem entitled Another Man’s Hero. This new show focuses on the idea of identity, and continues Chatem’s amazing style of interactive paintings. During the next week I will stop by the show to take some photos as well as a new video — as these paintings really need to be seen in motion. Take a look at the preview shots below, and if your able to stop by the show make sure you do so. It will be up until May 5th 2012.

Shooting Gallery SF

Preview: “Marvelous Humans” @ the Articulated Gallery SF

Opening this Saturday, April 7th, is a new exhibition I have had the pleasure to curate. Entitled Marvelous Humans, this group show features art inspired by the many human marvels that once lived, or are alive today. I have always been inspired by those who were born with a certain condition, and made the most of it, as well as those that choose to alter their bodies regardless of the negative reactions they would receive. So instead of focusing on these people as “oddities”, I thought it was time for some art to be created that was done with a level of respect. A few of the artists looked to the amazing “Human Marvels” website for inspiration, take a look when you have time.

The reception takes place at the Articulated Gallery in San Francisco from 8-10 PM, and a few of the artists will be in attendance. The Facebook Event page has the full info; please help spread the news. Participating artists include: Apricot Mantle, Casey Weldon, Dan Harding, Dave MacDowell, Edward Cao, Glenn Arthur, Elizabeth Levesque, Jackie Gallagher, Jason Snyder, Jay Doronio, Jessica Ward, Kelly Castillo, Larkin, M Fersner, Patrick Deignan, Peter Adamyan, Richard Frost Robert Bowen, Sandi Calistro, & Scarecrowoven. Take a look at the preview images, and we hope to see you there.

Preview: “Riding the Dragon” by Leslie Ditto @ Copro Gallery

Opening this Saturday, March 23rd, alongside the Juxtapoz Turns 18 exhibition at the Copro Gallery is a new solo show by Leslie Ditto entitled Riding the Dragon. Inspired by the year of the dragon, the work in this new show centers around legends and myths, and the beliefs that people hold especially in the areas of prophecy, luck, and spirituality. The reception is from 8-11:30 PM, and the show runs until April 14th.

Copro Gallery

Preview: Juxtapoz Turns 18 @ Copro Gallery

Coming this Saturday, March 24th, the Copro Gallery will open Juxtapoz Turns 18, a group show celebrating the 18th anniversary of the iconic art magazine. The show will feature work from many of the artists that have been featured in the magazine over the years such as Todd Schorr, Camille Rose Garcia, Robert Williams, Shag, Scott Musgrove, Candice Tripp, Mark Ryden, Shepard Fairey, Dave Cooper, Tara McPherson, and many more. It’s rare that I look through a new issue of Juxtapoz, and even more so that I visit the website, however I am aware of the place the magazine has in the timeline of this scene and look forward to seeing what these artists come up with. The reception starts at 8 PM and the show will run until April 14th. Keep your eye on the galleries webpage for a full preview.

Copro Gallery