Audrey Kawasaki’s “timed edition” print sale

A year ago Audrey had a timed edition print sale to help combat the problem of not enough fans getting access to her prints. So everyone that purchased a print in one hour were guaranteed a print, and that amount determined the edition number as well.

It’s still a trial to get one of her prints. They sell out almost instantaneously, and then you see Ebay is filled with the prints for sale at bloated prices, something that is getting ridiculous as well. So it looks like it’s time to do another “timed edition” sale. This time she is asking people to vote for which print will go on sale, so while you will no doubt be able to get a print, the voting will determine which one it is. So head on over to her livejournal account and vote, you get a choice of six different prints.
Audrey Kawasaki Print Poll

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