Blackmetal Beethoven print by Angryblue

Justin Kamerer aka Angryblue has a new print up for sale. It’s the Blackmetal Beethoven, with Joker style colors. I think it’s a killer idea to mix the iconic Joker colors with the “black metal” style of face painting. The print is a 6 color print, with metallic purple and metallic red. It’s a hefty 18″ x 24″ and is limited to an edition of 75.

You can also check out the whole process of making this print, and get a good idea of how vibrant the colors are over on this online sketchbook at I really dig seeing the process of these prints, it shows you just how much work goes into each one of these.

Head on over to Angryblue to pick up one of these killer prints. Blackmetal Beethoven print

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