Chris Mars and Sas Christian originals

chrismars_barons.jpgIt’s very rare when you see someone selling a Chris Mars original, and I can’t remember a time I saw a Sas Christian piece for sale like this.

I had the pleasure of seeing Chris Mars’ work in person, and I was awestruck. There are so many details and textures that pictures cannot show. His work is so amazing, I would love to see this piece up close. I hear that he is going to release some prints soon.sas_redeye.JPG

The next one is a piece from Sas Christian. It’s 12″ x 16″ and by the looks of the sides, needs to be framed. Its monochromatic, and to me looks like a study. Sas can really paint some crazy eyes, so with this piece you get just one big eye, perfect for fans of what she does.

These are both for sale from the same person: Sas Christian oil painting
Chris Mars Painting

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