David Macdowell originals for sale

__Feed_The_Children___by_davidmacdowell.jpgOne of the artists that I have talked about quite a lot, and am a huge fan of is David Macdowell. His art always blows me away. Not only does he makes some really killer paintings, he’s super fast. I’ve seen him post a drawing, two days later it’s painted. Now he could be messing with me, but I’ll just believe he’s lightning fast.

David currently has some work for sale at the Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. He has three paintings in the available artwork area, the whole area is filled with great art for sale but it’s David’s that really stands out right now. “All of them Witches”, “Bunny Business” & “Feed the Children” (shown) are for sale. The price for these pieces is really great too, I know that you won’t be able to find his work soon for prices like these. There was originally four paintings for sale, but it looks like someone saw the killer deals and swooped it up.

Don’t miss your chance to grab a David Macdowell. He will also be showing some art at the upcoming “Attack of the B Movie Art Show”, I’m super excited to see what he paints.

David Macdowell originals at Thinkspace

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