In the Store: “Hostile Space Clown” by S.L. Grice

This artist/animator made some of the coolest works of the B Movie show. He sent me three 6″ x 6″ acrylic on canvas painting that really solidified the show as a good idea. I was feeling kind of wary of it in the beginning, but these little painting really helped me to feel better. Each painting carries over onto the think side panel areas, this is what you see in the preview images.

The one shown is based off of “Killer Klowns from Outer Space”, one of the most recognizable “B Movies”. The painting perfectly captures the idea of he movie, in S.l. Grice’s killer style. The other two works are just as amazing. “Bored Monster Actor” features aguy in a killer monster suit that just looks bored with the job, like a guy working on an assembly line. “Brundle Nurse” is inspired by another killer movie, “The Fly”, only instead of getting meshed with a fly the nurse got meshed with some crab she was munching on.

All three of these works are still available. They look amazing and would no doubt be great conversation starters, or just to sit there and remind you how amazing cheezy movies can be. Head on over to store if you want to pick one up. I will give discounts for anyone that gets all three.
Creep Machine Store

bad clown by sl grice

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