James Jean “Charity by Numbers” painting

One of the shows that I really loved was the “Charity by Numbers” show. Artists were given these already paintied paint-by-numbers pieces and were to remix them. Some of the pieces were really cool, some only had minor additions. James Jean’s piece was one of the ones I loved the most. And it looks like someone is selling it. It’s acrylic on an 8″x 10″ paint-by-numbers board. I really wish a print was made of this piece. You can head over and take a look at it. James Jean Charity by Numbers

There is also a Jeff Soto Original drawing here, An an Amy Sol original here, Greg “Craola” Simkins original painting/drawing here. As well as two Tara McPherson paintings, both from the Fables comic: Snowfall painting & Diaspora

People are just going crazy selling all these paintings.

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