New Alamo Drafthouse posters

The Alamo Drafthouse, which has a habit of playing killer classic movies, has released a few new prints. First is a Night of the Creeps poster by John Smith, Drew Millward has two Goonies posters, and Ken Taylor has some Rocky Horror posters. The gold variant of the Goonies poster is all sold out, but the green is still holding up. The Night of the Creeps is also a glow in the dark poster, how cool is that? I love that movie.

Mondotees Posters

Night of the Creeps
by John Smith: 24″ x 36″ glow in the dark screenprint for $30

The Goonies by Drew Millward: 18″ x 24″ screenprint for $25

Rocky Horror by Ken Taylor: 12″ x 36″ screenprints, cut or uncut for $40 and $100


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